Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Position Mississippi State University as a secure, collaborative, and innovative leader in technology.

Vision Statement

Mississippi State University ITS is a collaborative, well-governed, disciplined, and effective steward acting as their constituents chosen technology provider.


MSU ITS lives by a set of values that are key to the way we interact with each other and our constituents.


Communicate in a succinct, straightforward, and direct manner while showing respect for other individuals and their differences.


Create solutions that are cutting edge.


Place security of university assets at the forefront of everything we do.


Commitment to working with constituents outside of and across ITS to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.


Complete tasks or projects within committed timeframes and costs.


Value the voices of different people, thinking, and approaches to provide wholistic solutions.


Support our community with focus and attention on their needs.


MSU ITS has developed a set of strategic goals that we uphold.

Engage employees in the workplace

Provide an environment where a diverse workforce feels valued and respected. Engage them with the appropriate training, development, benefits, and values that exemplify the ideals of the University and ITS.

Collaborate with students, faculty and staff to be their chosen technology provider

Create and foster relationships with constituents to understand and provide solutions that position ITS to be their chosen technology provider even when they have other options.

Innovate solutions for students, faculty and staff that position MSU as a leader in technology

Provide solutions for constituents that enable the University to be a leader in technology , compete in a complex technical research and academic environment and provide digital equity for our students helping them have successful outcomes.

Empower MSU as a center for research

Empower a secure technical foundation enabling the University to further its position as a leading research institution.

Secure the MSU campus and technology solutions

Create an environment where technology enables the physical and technical security of our students, staff and faculty while allowing flexibility in engaging with the technical environment.

Deliver what we say, when we say, on budget

Foster a culture of trust with our constituents by doing what we say we will do consistently and communicating early and often about progress on projects and opportunities.

Improvement Themes

Mississippi State University ITS is focused on improving People, Processes, Technology and Security.


Create an environment where we attract and retain diverse career minded individuals. We accomplish this by creating a work life balance that is sustainable for the staff, growing their skillsets and positioning them for a long-term successful career.


Design and implement processes that are agile, trusted, and governed; that scale ITS capabilities to be competitive with university and industry leaders.


Maintain standardized and up to date classrooms, software, and network technologies that enable MSU to be at the forefront of technological advancements and provide a secure, positive user experience.


Develop security first protocols and procedures that position MSU to provide a leading environment for research and academic advancement.