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Below are some basic functions of Outlook 2013.


To create a Rule click the File tab to open the Backstage view. Click Manage Rules and Alerts. In the Rules and Alerts window, click New Rule. Select the rule parameters in the Rule Wizard. 

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Create a rule to handle SPAM email using the following procedure: Create a SPAM Rule This will move email tagged as SPAM into a PossibleSPAM folder that you may review or delete. 

Note: Outlook has a built-in “junk” mail handling capability, but due to a high rate of legitimate emails being misdiagnosed as “junk” and the fact that users cannot individually activate/deactivate this feature, it has been administratively disabled, regardless of whether the “Junk” menu option is available in the Outlook client.  MSU’s enterprise anti-spam system, http://stopspam.msstate.edu, is the first line of defense for controlling spam/junk email.


To set an Out of Office Reply Rule, click the File tab to open the Backstage View.

  • Select theAutomatic Replies button.
  • In the Automatic Replies window, enter the parameteres of how you want your message to be handled.
  • When all necessary parameters are in place, click OK.
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