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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Exchange is MSU’s employee email and calendaring enterprise system. Outlook is the Exchange desktop client and Outlook Web App (OWA) is the Exchange web access client ( Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets which support ActiveSync can synchronize email, calendars and contacts with the Exchange system.

Outlook Web App, OWA, is the Exchange web access client accessed with a browser. Open your browser, go to , and authenticate with your NetID and NetPassword. OWA gives you access to your email, calendars and contacts.

The GAL is the Global Address List which contains all MSU employees, affiliates, student workers, GAs and retirees who have Exchange accounts.

Yes.  Click here to view the step-by-step information on how to set up an iOS or Android mobile device to synchronize to your Exchange account. 

You can configure your mobile device to sync your email and calendar to Exchange for a specified time period. However, depending on the available space on your device and how it interacts with ActiveSync will ultimately determine what is synced to your device. For example, if you have 1 month configured on your device you may only receive 2 weeks’ worth of email due to the lack of available space on your mobile device.

No.  You can only sync your “official” university Exchange account (tied to your email address) on your mobile device.

Yes.  However, you must choose one of your university email addresses in your Exchange account as your new “From:” email address. Contact the Service Desk via phone (662.325.0631) or email ( to initiate your email address change, stating the desired “From:” email address.

Yes. There are 2 options in our Exchange environment that allows you to send email for/as someone else:

1)      Delegate permissions – Any user can grant delegate access to another user which allows the user to send on their behalf.  Note: When user A with delegate permissions sends an email as user B, the From: will indicate the email is from user A on behalf of user B.

2)      “Send As” permissions – The “Send As” permissions are granted at the Exchange server. A Service Desk Ticket from the user allowing “Send As” privileges to their mailbox is required before permission is granted.  Note: When user A with “Send As” permissions sends an email as user B, the From: address will be user B’s email address.

Yes.  A shared mailbox can be created that one or more users can access.  Create a Service Desk ticket with the following information:

1)      A suggested name

2)      A desired email address

3)      Brief description of how this will be used

4)      NetIDs of the users who will need access to the account

5)      Type of access that each user requires (full, read and/or “Send As”).

Many users may have an old or unused email address associated with their Exchange account. You can see all email addresses associated with your account inside the Outlook client by first searching for your name in the Global Address List (GAL) and then following the step-by-step instructions in the Determining Your Email Addresses factsheet.  To remove an old or unused email address, contact the Service Desk.

The step-by-step instructions to get your business photo into Outlook and Skype can be found at Adding Your Photo to Exchange document.  You may obtain a new or updated business photo by contacting the MSU Office of Public Affairs. Alternatively, employees in the Division of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine may contact the Office of Agricultural Communications and employees in Meridian  contact XXXXXXX.

Yes. As part of MSU's subscription to the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) agreement, MSU students, faculty and staff are eligible to obtain Microsoft Office for their personally-owned computers. Click here for your available options.