Blackboard Mobile Learn App


Blackboard Mobile Learn allows students and faculty to access myCourses on their mobile device.

The App is primarily designed as a communication tool which will allow the student to check announcements and discussions via two-way interaction on their mobile device (i.e, smart phone or tablet).

The Blackboard Mobile Learn App can be used by anyone at Mississippi State University with any Android, Apple, Blackberry, or Palm webOS. The Blackboard Mobile Learn App has been known to have issues with the Blackberry.  The Blackboard Mobile Learn App is not available for the Windows 7 Mobile platform. Your cellular carrier may have restrictions on the apps that you may use.

  1. Visit the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the Android Marketplace on your Android device, or the Blackberry App World on your Blackberry.
  2. Search for “Blackboard Mobile Learn”.
  3. Install the App.
  4. Search for Mississippi State University.
  5. Log in to Blackboard Mobile Learn with your Mississippi State NetID and NetPassword. You can also scan the QR codes at the bottom of the page to obtain the App. 

Blackboard Mobile Learn may be downloaded at no cost to MSU users.

The myCourses course tools that are NOT available while using this App are:

  • Assessments (e.g., tests and quizzes)
  • Assignments
  • Chat
  • Mail
  • Calendar

The Blackboard Mobile Learn App may not display your course listing like you will see in the web interface of myCourses. The entire name of each course may not appear in the list depending on your device.  In the event of a course being combined with another course, you may see the course name beginning with the words “Cross Listed Section …”

No, but you can use the Favorites features. A class may be marked as a favorite by clicking the star to the right of its name. Once a course has been marked as Favorites, it will appear under the Favorites tab.

The course listings, when rearranged in the myCourses Web interface will not show as changed in the Blackboard Mobile Learn App.

Depending on a particular device, some features may not work properly.  Some features that may not work on all devices are:

  1. Flash Video
  2. Java-based Video
  3. Quicktime Video
  4. WAV Audio
  5. mp3 Audio (limited to some devices)

myMedia videos work only on devices that can handle Flash Video.  Apple mobile devices do not support Flash Video.

Students are able to interact with their myCourses course through Blackboard Mobile Learn. The following areas are able to be viewed and interacted with by the student:

  • View Announcements
  • Create new threads in existing discussion topics
  • View Grades
  • View the Syllabus (Blackboard Mobile Learn users are not able to view the syllabus using the syllabus tool.  The syllabus must be downloaded from the course content section of the course and viewed by a PDF reader on the device.

You cannot create content on the Blackboard Mobile Learn App, but you are able to interact with your students on the Blackboard Mobile Learn App with the following:

  • View and Create Announcements
  • Create new threads in existing discussion topics
  • View the Class Roster

Course content is uploaded and managed through myCourses. You cannot create content on the Blackboard Mobile Learn App.

Faculty should contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.
Students should contact the ITS Service Desk.
For additional information on how this App works on your device, visit the following URL:


You can also scan in the QR codes below to obtain the App:

iOS QR Code

Android QR Code
Android Marketplace

Palm QR Code
Palm App Catalog

Blackberry QR Code
Blackberry App World