Faculty/Staff Email

University Email Addresses


Official University Email Address

Each MSU employee has an official university email address, netid@msstate.edu, where netid is the employee’s network identifier assigned to him/her by the University. For example, John Michael Rackley’s netid is jmr21, so his official university email address is jmr21@msstate.edu. It is important to note that university-generated MSU Announcements and most official university email is sent to the employee’s official university email address.

University Email Alias 

Employees can choose an alias for their official university email address, netid@msstate.edu. The alias consists of one or more parts of the employee’s first, middle and preferred first names separated by periods, together with the complete last name. (Employees who go by something other than their legal first name can choose a preferred first name, and the document, “Specifying Your Preferred First Name”, has complete instructions on how to do this.)

Once an alias is created, it can be used interchangeably with the netid@msstate.edu email address. 

Some possible aliases for employee John Michael (Mike) Rackley include:

·         mike.rackley@msstate.edu

·         john.michael.rackley@msstate.edu

·         john.m.rackley@msstate.edu

·         j.m.rackley@msstate.edu

·         m.rackley@msstate.edu

Refer to the document “Creating an Alias for Your Official University Email Address” for detailed instructions.

Departmental Email Address

Employees may also have a departmental email address associated with the department in which they work.  A departmental email address does not have the same rigid format as the official university email address but generally follows the form user@dept.msstate.edu, where user might be an employee’s last name, or first initial and last name, and dept is the name of, or abbreviation for, the employee’s department. John Michael Rackley works in Information Technology Services, ITS, and his departmental email address is rackley@its.msstate.edu.  Departmental email addresses are only created upon request, and are typically removed when the employee moves from one department to another or is no longer employed at MSU.

Directory Email Address

  • Each MSU employee has an email address displayed in the printed and online campus directories. By default, this is the employee’s official university email address, netid@msstate.edu. Employees who also have a departmental email address or a university email alias can, instead, choose to display one of these addresses in the directory.

    Using the John Michael Rackley example, if he wants something other than his netid@msstate.edu email address displayed in the online and printed directories, he has two other choices:

    ·         mike.rackley@msstate.edu          .This is Mike’s university email alias

    ·         rackley@its.msstate.edu              .This is Mike’s departmental email address

    Refer to “Changing Your Directory Email Address” for complete instructions. 

Employee Email System

MSU’s employee email system is based on Microsoft Exchange, and the desktop client software for interacting with Exchange is Microsoft Outlook. There is also a web client, known as Outlook Web App (OWA), and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets which support ActiveSync can synchronize email, calendars, and contacts with Exchange.  For information on basic tasks, best practices and related resources for Exchange/Outlook, go to.  //www.its.msstate.edu/support/documentation/email/outlook/