Faculty/Staff Email

Groupwise Email


Novell GroupWise is a groupware application that includes the essentials for handling email, appointment, and calendar needs. This type of account is available to only faculty and staff members and student workers (requested by their supervisor only).

Contact the Help Desk to have a GroupWise account established and to have the client installed onto your computer.

myState Email

University Email Account

Each MSU employee has a university email account of the form NetID@msstate.edu. For example, John Michael Rackley’s university email account is jmr21@msstate.edu. It is important to note that university-generated “mass email” and most “official” university email is sent to the employee’s university email account. Employees should be aware of this and use this email account appropriately. Some employees prefer to read email sent to this account via the myState Web portal or an IMAP email client, while others may choose to forward this account to some other email account.

Departmental Email Account

Many employees have at least one other university-provided email account, typically associated with the department in which they work. This is known as the employee’s departmental email account. A departmental email address does not have the same rigid format as the university email address but generally follows the form user@dept.msstate.edu, where user might be an employee’s last name, or first initial and last name, and dept is the name or abbreviation for the unit in which the employee works. John Michael Rackley’s departmental email account is rackley@its.msstate.edu.

Forwarding the University Email Account

As was previously stated, each employee chooses how they wish to read email sent to their university email account. For instructions on forwarding one’s university email account to some other account, see “Forwarding Your University Email Address”. Since John Michael Rackley prefers to read and process all email at his departmental GroupWise account, he has chosen to forward jmr21@msstate.edu to rackley@its.msstate.edu.

Preferred Name

Employees who go by something other than their first name can choose a preferred name. The document, “Specifying Your Preferred Name”, has complete instructions on how to do this. John Michael Rackley goes by Mike, which he has selected as his preferred name in Banner Web. If a preferred name has been specified, it can be used to form an alias address for one’s university email account, as shall be described in the next paragraph.

University Email Alias

Employees may choose an alias for their university email address. The alias consists of one or more parts of the employee’s first, middle and preferred names separated by periods, together with the complete last name. Once an alias is created, it can be used interchangeably with the netid@msstate.edu email address. It is important to note that the alias only applies to an employee’s university email address, not his or her departmental address.

Some possible aliases for employee John Michael (Mike) Rackley include:

  • mike.rackley@msstate.edu
  • john.michael.rackley@msstate.edu
  • john.m.rackley@msstate.edu
  • j.m.rackley@msstate.edu
  • m.rackley@msstate.edu

Refer to the document “Creating an Alias for Your University Email Account” for detailed instructions.

Directory Email Address

Each MSU employee has an email address displayed in the printed and online campus directories. The initial directory email address for each employee is their university email address. Employees can change their directory email address at any time. Refer to “Changing Your Directory Email Address” for complete instructions. John Michael Rackley currently displays his departmental email address, rackley@its.msstate.edu, as his directory email address.


Through appropriate use of university email account, departmental email account, university email account forwarding, preferred name, university email alias, and directory email address, each MSU employee can create an email environment based upon his or her individual needs and preferences. The final example illustrates the flexibility and relationship of these various options.

John Michael Rackley will establish the university email alias mike.rackley@msstate.edu for jmr21@msstate.edu. Remember that mike.rackley is a choice because he has previously specified Mike as his preferred name. He will then select mike.rackley@msstate.edu as his directory email address, as well as use it on new business cards. He also has his university email account forwarded to his departmental account, which means that email sent to jmr21@msstate.edu or mike.rackley@msstate.edu will be delivered to his departmental account, rackley@its.msstate.edu.